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I’m a skilled software developer and UI designer, with many years of experience in the Mac and iOS software markets. I’ve designed icons and user interfaces, provided UX consultancy and built whole apps for various clients over the years. For a bespoke quote get in touch and tell me what you need.

Building Apps

With over a decade of experience in building software on Apple’s platforms, you can be sure you’re putting your iOS or Mac development project into a safe pair of hands.

As one of the rare people in the world that is equally at home designing in Photoshop as coding in XCode, I can offer you a unique, holistic skill set that encompasses the entire process of designing and building a piece of software. If you want to see examples of such work just take a look at any of the software on this website, it’s all entirely built and designed by me.

Where this approach is particularly beneficial is when it comes to turning designs into real software. It’s not that hard to create amazing looking mockups in Photoshop for any competent designer, but designers often aren’t experts in user experience and don’t deeply understand the relationship between their design and the complexity of the code that will be required to achieve it. This is where my mixed skill set can be an invaluable asset and it’s what’s allowed me to build and maintain my own apps for the last decade without requiring outside assistance.

Of course if you already have a good design or have a designer on-staff you’d like me to work with, I’m happy to collaborate. I have experience in picking up existing apps and even doing complete rewrites while keeping the end user experience identical, as well as building up entire apps from simple wireframes.

Building an app is a big job and a major time commitment for me so it has to be a good fit, as such I will only take on projects I personally find interesting. If you have an exciting project in mind, why not get in touch and let’s see if we can build something awesome together?

UI & UX Design

I’ve provided user interface and experience design consultations for companies large and small. Whether you want an appraisal of an existing design or a new UI built from scratch I can help you. As a developer I know how much work goes into building a successful UI, which gives me a different perspective to designers who spend their lives in Photoshop or Sketch. I take a thoughtful, user-centric approach to UI and UX design that looks critically at the pros and cons of current design trends, balancing the needs of organisations to keep their apps looking fresh and modern against the needs of users’ for consistency and intuitive operation.

Beautiful Websites

Want a lean and mean hand coded website built to the latest standards, or a beautifully designed site built around a CMS such as WordPress? I’m happy to take on either and apply my years of experience in designing software and user interfaces into making your website both stunning and easy to use. I can implement a design you specify or work with you to build an online identity from scratch, including branding and logo design.

Case Study: BrandBrief

BrandBrief asked me to build the iOS client app for their service that aimed to connect social influencers with brands. I built the app from the ground-up over 4 months while the backend service was constructed in tandem. The process involved taking both wireframes and mocked up UI in Photoshop and Sketch and translating them into a high quality app.

The process involved collaborating with a team spread across the globe; with the backend developer in Sydney, the designer in Lithuania, the rest of the company in NewYork and myself in the UK. We had frequent multiparty video calls to discuss issues and worked flexibly to overcome the challenge of vastly differing timezones.

The BrandBrief app uniquely had to deeply integrate with nearly every major social platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We quickly discovered to get the level of flexibility we would need we’d have to go beyond OS provided sharing and use the full power of the various service APIs to allow users to directly publish within the app. This also meant we had to go through the extensive review process companies like Facebook require of apps seeking extended API permissions. For this I produced a number of screencasts showing walkthroughs of the app and explaining how we were legitimately using the APIs. The app also integrated with Intercom to provide in-app support to users and Amazon S3 for uploading user content.

In the end I was able to produce a highly polished and stable app that fulfilled the client’s brief, was easy to maintain and well documented. For example when the iPhone X came out shortly after we shipped our first version, I was able to rapidly adapt the app to make full use of the new screen layout as the app adhered to modern iOS design principles such as Auto Layout.