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As well as make cool software I also do icon, web and application design, with a focus on the Mac and iOS software market. For a bespoke quote get in touch and tell me what you need. I’m happy to offer discounts to students, hobbyists and non-profits.

Crafting Apps

With over a decade of experience in building software on Apple’s platforms, you can be sure you’re putting your iOS or Mac development project into a safe pair of hands.

As one of the rare people in the world that is equally at home designing in Photoshop as coding in XCode, I can offer you a unique, holistic skill set that encompasses the entire process of designing and building a piece of software. If you want to see examples of such work just take a look at any of the software on this website, it’s all entirely built and designed by me.

Where this approach is particularly beneficial is when it comes to turning designs into real software. It’s not that hard to create amazing looking mockups in Photoshop for any competent designer, but designers often aren’t experts in user experience and don’t deeply understand the relationship between their design and the complexity of the code that will be required to achieve it. This is where my mixed skill set can be an invaluable asset and it’s what’s allowed me to build and maintain my own apps for the last decade without requiring outside assistance.

Of course if you already have a good design or have a designer on-staff you’d like me to work with, I’m happy to collaborate. I have experience in picking up existing apps and even doing complete rewrites while keeping the end user experience identical.

Building an app is a big job and a major time commitment for me so it has to be a good fit, as such I will only take on projects I personally find interesting. If you have an exciting project in mind, why not get in touch and let’s see if we can build something awesome together?

Beautiful icons still matter

As the first point of contact between your software and your customers, an application’s icon is an important part of the user experience. For many indie developers their application’s icon is also the most important part of their branding. With an ever more competitive landscape, it’s crucial to stand out and to try to convey as much of your application’s identity and quality as possible.

Icons also play a key role within applications and their quality can have a large impact on the usability of your software. Is their meaning concise? Do they use sensible metaphors? Are the colours consistent and meaningful?

With years of experience in designing icons for both my own applications and my clients, I can help deliver you an excellent Mac or iOS icon, toolbar and button icons and other application graphics.

iOS 1-6 icon style compared to iOS 7 icon style

With the current ‘flat style’ design trend, some developers are mistakenly thinking it’s now ok to not involve a designer in crafting their apps and icons. However the opposite is true – good design is now more important than ever, as minimalistic, flat design makes it harder than ever to make your app stand out in an ever more crowded marketplace.

How the design process works

I’m often asked what is involved in designing an icon or website so here is a run down of the process.

  1. You give me a design brief – this can be as specific as a rough sketch on the back of a napkin or just a list of ideas you would like your website or icon to convey.
  2. I’ll give you a quote based on how much work I think your project will take.
  3. The next stage is to agree on how the final design will look. I’ll provide sketches and mockups and discuss my ideas with you.
  4. Once the design is agreed upon, I’ll get down to work implementing it for you. I’ll check with you along the way to make sure you’re happy with how things are progressing.
  5. Any last minute alterations are made and I hand off the deliverables to you.

Please note

  • I’m happy to provide you with Photoshop, Illustrator and other ‘master’ documents once a project is completed and paid for.
  • I can provide icons prepared for web use (e.g. baked in rounded corners on an iOS icon) as well as all the sizes needed to be included in your app and for App Store submission. Just let me know what you need.
  • I won’t ask for up-front payment, but I don’t do ‘spec work‘ / work for free – even if you don’t ultimately use my design.
  • If you want to make significant changes late in the design process it may incur additional costs.
  • Providing reliable time estimates for software development is notoriously hard for complex projects – I’ll do my best by clearly agreeing your requirements and setting out the scope of the project at the start, but time and cost overruns can happen so keep that in mind.
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