Appable Service

Is your business Appable?

People now spend more time using the Internet from their smartphone than from their desktop or laptop and the trend is increasing year on year. Having a strong presence on mobile is increasingly important for all businesses.

However websites on mobile often provide a subpar experience. Slow loading, missing plug-ins and fiddly navigation frustrate rather than enthuse your customers.

The best mobile experience comes from native apps, designed and built for the platform and taking advantage of all its features. The problem is native apps are expensive to develop, putting them out of reach for many small businesses. That’s why we designed the Appable service.

Making Apps Affordable for Small Businesses

We’ve built a modular system that lets us quickly create an app around your content and brand that minimises the amount of code that needs to be written and maintained. This massively reduces the cost to you and means we can build you an app in days rather than weeks. With our Starter Package costing from just £649, having an app becomes an affordable choice for nearly all businesses.

Additional modules and content updates are available at extra cost. After the first year there’s a year maintenance fee if you want your app to remain live in the App Store, starting at £99 for the Starter Package. If you want to regularly update your app’s content we can offer you a discounted monthly payment plan, please get in touch for details.

The Building Blocks of Your App

You can build your app around a menu, a tab bar or a grid of icons. Here are some of the modules we’ve developed which we can use to build your app:

  • Rich content viewer
    For styled text, images and videos. Ideal for mission statements, staff biographies and more.
  • Image gallery with slideshow
    Great for showing off a venue or portfolio. Browse by tapping the thumbnails or watch as a slideshow.
  • Feedback/Contact form
    Get feedback directly from your customers with this highly configurable contact form. From something as simple as an anonymous star rating to a detailed comment form, with name, phone, email and so on.
  • Blog news feed
    If you have a blog on your website, provide all the latest stories direct to your app, complete with off-line viewing. Requires an RSS feed – most content management systems such as WordPress supported.
  • Contact details with map
    Give your business address, opening hours and contact details with an optional interactive map. Lets customers phone you or send you an email with a single tap.
  • PDF viewer
    Ideal for technical documents, timetables, large charts, forms that need printing etc.
  • CSV viewer
    Takes a CSV file you can prepare in a spreadsheet such as Excel and presents it as a neat searchable table. Ideal for product and service lists, food menus and more.
  • Image viewer
    A simple, zoomable image viewer. Can be setup to crossfade between a series of images. Ideal for making a simple branded home screen for your app and brilliant for showing custom made maps, illustrations, diagrams and charts.
  • Calendar
    Great for showing events, availability, seasonal information etc.
  • Map
    Show a map of a given area with points of interest marked by pins that present more information when tapped. Show your business locations, buildings on your site or places to visit.

Custom modules can be designed based on your needs. We can also help you with brand design and content, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Why we target the iPhone and iPad only

Our service currently only targets the iPhone and iPad. In many key markets (the UK, EU and US) this represents 20-40% of all smartphone users. Many studies show that iPhone users are far more engaged with their devices and have higher income. In other words, these are the people you want your business to reach.

Passing App Review

We pride ourselves in making quality, engaging apps. In recent years Apple has started clamping down on the kinds of apps that it allows on the App Store. To make sure your app passes review it needs to offer more content and interactivity than a simple mobile website. We can help advise you on picking a combination of modules to build a great app. If for some reason we still can’t get your app approved on the store then we won’t charge you.

Can it do…?

There are some limitations to the degree of customisation we can provide you with the prebuilt modules, although we have designed the system to be as flexible as possible. If necessary we can deliver custom modules just for your app for an added fee. Certain classes of app are not suited to the Appable service and we’ll tell you at the outset whether you need a fully bespoke solution.