iKanji touch

Let’s learn kanji!

iKanji touch is the fun and easy way to learn to recognise, read and write Japanese kanji characters. Study on the go with the built-in tests, use the spaced repetition based Teach Me system to learn new kanji and quickly look up characters with the powerful search mechanism.

Kanji for everyone

iKanji touch is an extremely flexible app for learning kanji. It’s designed to work well as a reference and as a training and practice tool. The easy to use browser interface lets you quickly browse school grade jōyō and JLPT kanji, perform searches and build your own practice sets. Flash cards show you everything you need to know about a kanji including its stroke order and example uses.

iKanji touch features tests for kanji readings, meaning, stroke order and compounds. You can test yourself on any of these aspects as you like or as part of iKanji touch’s spaced repetition based Teach Me system.

Track your progress


iKanji touch uses a simple visual system to help you keep track of how well you know your kanji. Based on how you do in the Teach Me mode over time, kanji will be placed into one of 5 groups. Group 1 is kanji you’ve either not tested or keep getting wrong, group 5 is kanji you consistently get right in the tests over a long period of time. The more green you see the better you’re doing!

tsutsuneKeep the fox happy

Tsutsune is the little fox you can see in the top right of iKanji touch’s interface. He keeps a watch over you while you’re studying. He’ll get happier as you get questions correct or annoyed when you do badly. He offers encouragement or a verbal prod on the test results screen.

Study anywhere without worry

iKanji touch’s database of kanji is self contained and doesn’t need Internet access to work, so you don’t need to worry about running up high data bills while using it. Especially handy if you’re travelling to Japan where mobile data access can be very expensive. Also great if you’re using an iPod touch and are out of reach of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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