ThinkMac started as a hobby to earn some extra cash during my final year at university. After working in the IT industry for a short time, it became a full time business from 2005. ThinkMac is part of the renaissance of independent software development that has flourished on the Mac platform over the last decade.

The Mac platform has always attracted creative types from many industries, so it’s only natural that it helped foster a generation of artisan software developers. Building beautiful, elegant and simple to use software to empower people to make the most of their computer and devices. That’s what ThinkMac is all about.

Currently based in West Yorkshire in northern England, ThinkMac is run as a sole proprietorship. That means I both write the software, handle support and have to fetch my own coffee.

I’ve developed a strong passion for all things Japanese and ThinkMac has been focusing on building educational software for learning Japanese on your Mac and iPhone for several years now.

Since 2008 I’ve has been devoting a lot of energy into bringing great apps to iOS. Like the Mac, the iPhone and iPad place a great emphasis on quality design and usability. It’s wonderful to be part of the revolution they are driving in personal computing.


Rory Prior