iKana 2 sneak peek

Sorry it’s been a little while since I last blogged, since then iKanji 1.3 and iKanji touch 1.2 have been released. At the moment I’m bust working on two projects – InstantGallery 2 and iKana 2. I want to get iKana 2 ready for the ‘back to school’ season so it’s slated for a September release.

iKana 2 features all the cool features from iKana touch; namely stroke animations, speech samples and the practice set mechanism. In addition the user interface has been spruced up significantly and improved. The vocabulary selection will also be greatly enhanced. Here’s a little preview of the updated flash card window:

iKana 2 sneak peek screenshot

2 Comments on “iKana 2 sneak peek

  1. Hooray for the Swansea indie Mac dev scene! Both Lineform and Feeder come from this lovely town. 🙂

    FWIW, the Lineform developer now works for Apple so unless Freeverse have found someone to carry on development I'm guessing you won't be seeing updates any time soon.