iKanji touch 2 is here!

iKanji touch 2 on an iPad Air and iPhone 6

Good news folks, iKanji touch 2 is now live on the App Store! This is a big release because it finally brings iKanji touch natively to the iPad. The whole interface has been refreshed and refined and there are lots of little tweaks and improvements. The main new feature is a vocabulary browser with flash cards and kanji breakdown*. Just like in its big brother, iKanji for OS X. Another much requested and helpful feature from iKanji on OS X is the ability to search by kanji radical parts. This makes it so much easier to find kanji where you’re not familiar with the reading or meaning, I’m sure it will get a lot of use! Happy studying ^_^

* Vocab testing isn’t quite ready yet but will be coming in an update later this year.

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  1. Such a great update, it took a while, but hey it is free! Thank you!

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