InstantGallery on macZOT

macZOTI’m excited to announce InstantGallery will be featured on macZOT tomorrow. If you’ve not heard of macZOT before, it’s a site that offers great shareware apps at low, low prices, but in a limited quantity and for a short period of time. The old ‘grab ’em while they’re hot’ adage applies πŸ™‚

I won’t tell you just how much you can save on InstantGallery’s regular price of $15, only that it’s substantial and if you want a slice of action keep an eye on macZOT tomorrow.

Now for a quick update on NewsLife – my timetable was thrown off a bit because I had to move apartments last month. But I’m on course to deliver a beta towards the end of September. I’m also going to reveal for the first time that once NewsLife is out the door I’m going to begin work on a new app that could be described as a big brother for InstantGallery. Watch this space ^_^

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