It is done

iKanji touch in iTunes Connect

Won’t be too much longer now ^_^


iKanji touch’s product page is now online with videos and screenshots.

4 Comments on “It is done

  1. Interesting way to deal with App Store feedback. I have the same problem with my app. Also, even if you implement the feedback/suggestion people rarly update their rating/comment.

    If you not already complained to apple, please do so. I have the hope, that if more and more iPhone developers complain about this, they might change something.

    [You don’t have to publish this comment, as this is probably not so interesting for most of your users]

  2. Hi, can’t find a way of contacting you. I have Newslife. It’s suddenly started to crash and bomb out while it goes through newsfeed update on launch. It’s only been since i update the OS to the latest Apple patch. Have reinstalled, still crashes. Any help appreciated!

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