NewsLife Beta 3 is here

Beta 3 has been a long time coming, mostly due to a crush of icon work that has refused to let up since January. But finally today it’s out. It’s not a massive update by any means, but now the Sparkle update framework is in there it should be easier to roll out incremental updates every few weeks. Beta 3 addresses the most common complaints, like making the side bar resizable/hidable, adding a contextual menu to the source list, fixing the Atom date bug and so on.

Download NewsLife beta 3 [obsolete download link removed]

InstantGallery is continuing to prove popular and it will be getting its own updates in the not too distant future. InstantGallery is very nearly 1 year old now (it will be in 8 days to be exact). InstantGallery 2 should be released by the early summer, it will feature such niceties as more advanced theming and built-in FTP.

iKana too is turning out to be much more successful than I originally thought, there is a bit more I want to do with it and I’ve had some great suggestions. One of the most common is to add kanji support to it. The problem is you can’t really learn kanji in the same way you learn kana, which makes it a bit tricky for me to just bolt that functionality into iKana. So I guess I’m kind of pre-announcing that I will develop an iKanji to compliment iKana, but that probably won’t see the light of day until much later this year.

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