Updates, updates everywhere!

Hard to believe 2015 is nearly over already isn’t it? Lately I’ve been hard at work on a bunch of updates to my various Mac apps. All of which are live for direct download customers. If you use the Mac App Store, so far only the iKana update is live, but the others should get there eventually. In semi-related news, I’ve now migrated the ThinkMac Store over to FastSpring. This should make the process of buying my apps and getting your license file a bit smoother. It also handles the troublesome new VAT legislation problem that had meant I was unable to sell directly to EU customers for much of the year (cheers bureaucrats).

iKanji 2.0.7

This is actually a biggish update and adds some requested new features like JLPT vocab sets, the ability to set the length of training sessions and increases font sizes in various places to improve legibility. This also squashes some bugs and fixes some text rendering glitches when running on El Capitan.

iKana 2.1.1

This update (finally) adds retina graphics throughout the app and gives the interface a refresh to look more modern. There are also various bug fixes and tweaks to improve stability.

NewsLife 2.2.3

This version has some visual tweaks for El Capitan as changes to the way fonts are rendered in the new OS left the default text looking very spindly and hard to read.

Lastly but not least(ly), on the iOS front I have a nice update to iKanji touch in the works. I hope to have that on the store before Christmas.

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