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Hello all, my apologies once again for the lack of updates on here. We’re into March now and I’ve still not said what’s going on with ThinkMac this year! So lets go:

iKana 2 (Mac)

Is nearly complete now, it would have been ready sooner but I decided to shake things up a bit and add Leitner style spaced repetition training for both kana and now vocabulary too! The vocabulary trainer is designed to teach you around 700 words which fall in the general remit of JLPT 4/5. A number of vocab sets will be predefined and you’ll be able to make your own practice set. Should be out before the end of March.

iKana Nōto (iPad)

iKana touch remixed for the iPad! This is still in the early planning and design phase so it won’t be ready for awhile yet. Ideally I’d like to have an iPad to test it on too before I release it which means we’re talking late May or June as likely release time. Nōto (ノート) is the Japanese word for notebook by the way.

InstantGallery 2 (Mac)

It’s not dead! I know it’s been on the horizon for years and that it keeps getting put on the back burner but it’s still in active development and it will be ready sooner rather than later. I don’t dare put a date on it though as I’ve promised and missed dates on it too many times already. IG2 has undergone a lot of redesigning over the past year to make it easier and more flexible to use.

On the horizon

Other things due in the not too distant future are an update to iKanji + iKanji touch. A full set of JLPT 2 stroke animations will be included finally. iKana touch 2 will sync with iKana 2 on the Mac. Later in the year I hope to get spaced repetition into iKanji on the Mac to make it possible to sync progress and practice sets between the iPhone and desktop versions. If iKana Nōto does well there will likely be an iKanji Nōto too.

Right that’s all the updates for now, I’ll blog more about iKana 2 when it’s closer to release.

ThinkMac on Twitter

There’s now an official ThinkMac Twitter stream for you to follow!

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