InstantGallery 2 Release Notes

InstantGallery 2 Build 431 Release Notes


This is an alpha version of InstantGallery 2 – that means it’s not feature complete and contains bugs known and unknown, some of which may causes crashes or data loss. You use it at your own risk and I strongly recommend making sure you have up-to-date backups in place before using this software.

This alpha expires on the December 31 2014.

New since build 430

  • Extended trial period until December 31 2014.

New since build 424

  • Gallery searching now works
  • License/registration system now working (pre-order licenses available here)
  • Improved page and image description editing now live updates the preview with no ugly page reloading

New since build 320

  • New Portfolio template
  • New application icon
  • Blocks without content are now automatically removed from the template to avoid unwanted white space appearing (e.g. image with no description).
  • Custom thumbnail links now working
  • More accurate image resizing

New since build 185

  • Revised start screen
  • Improved open panel
  • Open panel now shows files sizes in most appropriate unit (KB/MB etc).
  • Retina toolbar icons
  • Zoom in/zoom out controls added to the toolbar and View menu

Known issues

  • Preferences not available
  • Search results not properly styled
  • Drawing glitches when resizing license drop area
  • Keywords not working
  • Progress bar not working correctly
  • Some icons aren’t retina display ready
  • When gallery closed new gallery/browse control sometimes invisible


Where are galleries stored?

Galleries are placed inside an InstantGallery folder inside Pictures in your home directory.

Can I add my own templates?

Yes, create a folder called “Templates” inside the InstantGallery folder. Templates consist of a named folder with two HTML files (one for index pages and one for image pages), a CSS file and a directory called “assets” that contains any scripts, additional CSS files, JavaScripts and any images you may need. The template HTML files use keywords prefixed with a $ sign that tell InstantGallery where to insert various page elements. Download a sample template here. Note that the format of templates is subject to change. Currently it’s necessary to restart InstantGallery for new templates to appear in the template drop down list. Re-choosing the template from the list will apply any changes to the gallery.

Can I add my own overlay effects for thumbnails?

Not yet, but possibly in future versions.

How do I save galleries?

For practical reasons InstantGallery saves changes as you make them. If you want to experiment, duplicate an existing gallery first.

Can I open InstantGallery 1.8 galleries?

No – InstantGallery 2 produces galleries using a totally different mechanism making support difficult.

Can I publish my galleries on-line directly?

No, this feature was originally planned for InstantGallery 2 but had to be dropped in order to get the product finished in a timely manner. For now you need to use a 3rd party tool such as Transmit or your web provider’s uploader to get your files online.

Can I buy an InstantGallery 2 license or use my InstantGallery 1 license?

InstantGallery 2 licenses will be available soon from our web store. If you’ve bought InstantGallery 1 since January 1 2013 you can get a free upgrade. We had originally planned to make InstantGallery 2 a free upgrade for all existing customers but sadly it’s not financially viable for us to offer this any longer.

Will InstantGallery 2 be available on the Mac App Store?

The release version of 2.0 will be available on the Mac App Store. Alpha and beta versions will not be. As always we really appreciate if you buy directly as it let’s us get you updates more quickly and we don’t lose 20%+ of each sale to Apple.