iKana touch in the Apple Store

If you go past an Apple Store any time soon take a look at the iPhone window display – you may just spot iKana touch’s icon among various other apps. It’s all part of a display showing off all the apps you can get on the App Store. It’s an honour to be included 🙂

This is from London’s Regent Street store but I’ve also had word its on display in stores in the US. If you spot iKana touch (or indeed any ThinkMac app!) on display at an Apple Store, snap a picture and send it in and I’ll send you a free license for an app of your choice. I can’t give you promo codes for the App Store though – sorry! Send your photos to blog_at_thinkmac.co.uk (replace _at_ with @ of course!)

3 Comments on “iKana touch in the Apple Store

  1. Saw the iKana icon displayed at the Millennia, Florida, and Altamonte Malls, all in the Orlando, Fl area. Will take a picture next time I stop by.

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