Meet iKana 2

When designing iKana 2 we drew on our experience of building for both the Mac and iPhone. The result is an amazing fusion that brings the streamlined workflow and simplicity of our iPhone apps right to your desktop.

iKana 2 also brings many exciting features from its mobile sibling, including stroke animations, spoken kana sounds and example words.

We’ve also created a completely new Vocabulary Training tool which is built right into iKana 2. Even when you’ve mastered Hiragana and Katakana iKana can now continue to be a valuable study aide.

Smarter Testing

iKana 2 makes it easy to make a practice set, just use the stamp tool to mark the kana you want to practice and they get grouped together for easy testing. The improved Speed Recognition test now challenges your ability to both read kana and to Romanize it under the pressure of the clock.

The Vocabulary Training tool uses a Leitner style Spaced Repetition System for on-going learning. It will help you improve your ability to read kana and give you a vocabulary of over 740 common Japanese words.