iKanji now on the Mac App Store!

Well what do you know, iKanji has finally been approved for sale on the Mac App Store just 12 hours later than I released the direct sale version. So if you like you can now buy it from Apple.

Before you do though, please remember we make a lot more per-sale when you buy direct and we can offer you updates faster as they don’t have to go through Apple’s lengthy review process. You also don’t have to worry about some arbitrary App Store rule change effecting the functionality we can offer in the future.


5 Comments on “iKanji now on the Mac App Store!

  1. I purchased from the Mac app store not because I prefer giving Apple money instead of you, but because iTunes gift cards were 20% off at Asda so I loaded up on the credits.

    Thanks for making it available there and hope you can continue making further updates available there as well.

    • That’s fair enough, I certainly don’t hold it against people who want to buy from the App Store for whatever reason. Thanks for buying iKanji 2 πŸ™‚

  2. No iCloud sync between apps :-/

    Is it planned for future releases?

    • iCloud based syncing is problematic – only Mac App Store apps can use it and it doesn’t work very well from what I’ve heard from other developers. I’m looking into using Dropbox based sync.

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