Welcome to the new ThinkMac

As you may notice, I’ve completely redesigned the ThinkMac website. Since I originally created the site for a student project 14 (!!) years ago it’s been hosted as static files. I feel it’s now long out grown this and it was time to switch over to a content management system. I’ve been really pleased with WordPress, which powered the old ThinkMac blog and my other business site Light Priority, so it made sense to use it here too. I’m using a customised version of the Business theme by Organic Themes with several plugins including Meta Slider, JetPack, Contact Form 7 and others.

As WordPress performs very poorly on MediaTemple’s Grid service I’ve also moved hosting providers to TSO Host in the UK. This marks the fifth migration this website has made since its inception. Hopefully it’s not something I’ll have to do again anytime soon!

ThinkMac's website back in June 2000

ThinkMac’s website back in June 2000, grammatical errors abound!

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