Thanks, we hope you enjoy your ThinkMac apps!

Thanks for purchasing from us! Your license email should be arriving soon. It contains instructions on how to register the app(s) you’ve bought.

About your license

Your license file is the key that unlocks all the features of the application(s) you have purchased. It’s basically a modern equivalent of the serial numbers which you may be familiar with from other vendors. The license contains a specially generated encrypted key along with your name, email address and some other purchase data. You can quickly register the application(s) you have purchased by dragging the relevant license file onto each application(s) icon or by simply double clicking the license file.

Paid by eCheque?

Just like real cheques (or checks as you may know them), eCheques don’t clear immediately like a credit card purchase so please allow up to five days for your license to be sent. If you need your license urgently or don’t receive your license within a few days please get in touch.

Spam filter eaten your license?

Unfortunately sometimes over zealous spam filters can block either the entire license email or strip the license file attachment. If you don’t receive your license fairly quickly check your junk mail folder to make sure it’s not been flagged as spam. If you know your email service provider tends to block email attachments please get in touch and we can try and sort out an alternate way to send your license.