2007 App Roadmap

There hasn’t been a huge amount of noise from me lately regarding my various apps so I thought it was time to spell out what’s going to be going on for the remainder of this year:


Version 2.0 is slowly marching towards completion, there is still quite a lot to do though. Getting big updates like this finished is always a laborious task. There are so many changes in this release it’s taking a lot longer than I initial projected. Still it will rock when it’s done so please be patient! I’m still hoping to get it finished and at least in beta by the end of this month.


I finally got around to releasing 1.0.1 today which is a fairly small update with a few new features and some bug fixes. There will be a more significant update to iKana during the summer. High on the list of features I want to add is a full screen mode and a dashboard widget.


I’ve neglected this a bit lately and for that I apologise, I want to get 1.0 out before the end of July. There really isn’t too much more to do so that shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got some ideas I really want to work into NewsLife but they’re going to require Leopard so they may not show up until around 1.2 or later.

Future Apps

  • iKanji – a tool in the same vein as iKana geared towards learning kanji. This will be significantly more than a re-badged version of iKana however because learning kanji is a whole other ball game to learning kana. The hope is to have this at least semi-ready by the end of September.
  • InstantBook (provisional name) – a tool for quickly producing PDFs from sets of images formatted for use with eInk based eBook readers such as the Sony Reader and iRex Iliad. I’ve got a technology demo of this already up and running but it needs lots of spit and polish before I’m willing to release it.
  • iPhone apps – *if* Apple allows us to write dashboard widgets or Cocoa apps for the iPhone then look out for versions of iKana and NewsLife for that platform.

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