Flag it!

NewsMac has always had the ability to flag or highlight headlines if they contain certain keywords. Well I say always, the feature was introduced with NewsMac 2 way back in 2003, and the functionally hasn’t really changed since. Until now that is, the next release of NewsMac Pro, 1.1.2 if you’re counting, introduces colour differentiated keyword flagging. You can assign a colour to a set of keywords to make it easier to spot headlines about specific topics.

NewsMac Pro 1.1.2 enhanced headline flagging
Specifying keywords to be flagged in NewsMac Pro’s preferences.

NewsMac Pro 1.1.2 enhanced headline flagging
Several flagged headlines. The flag colour is still easily visible when an item has been selected. To avoid any confusion about which row(s) are selected the flag colour only covers the headline portion.

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