InstantGallery 2 & Leopard Compatibility

InstantGallery 2 is still slowly approaching with the end of November marked tentatively in my calendar as release time. Here’s a big sneaky peak:

InstantGallery 2 preview

Here it is running on Leopard. It will be fully compatible with Tiger too of course, it even detects which OS version you’re using and mods the UI slightly so it fits in better with the visual look of your system. The UI is evolving all the time so there will no doubt be a few more changes before release time.

Leopard compatibility

iKana, InstantGallery 1.7 and NewsLife should all run fine under Leopard. If you experience any problems after upgrading please send me your bug reports and I’ll get any necessary fixes out as soon as possible. They run fine under the lastest developer seed of Leopard though so I’m hopeful there won’t be any unforeseen issues.

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