New apps coming soon!

NewsLife & InstantGallery

Two new ThinkMac apps will be released this month – NewsLife & InstantGallery.


As the name suggests, InstantGallery is about creating galleries in an instant. It’s a tool for quickly turning a folder full of images into web gallery. It allows you to easily choose thumbnail and image sizes, watermarking, themes, thumbnail cropping and more all while your images are processed in the background. It’s a great way to share your photos with friends, create a portfolio of your work for your website or to build a browsable index of your photos for when you dump them on to a CD.

InstantGallery will go into beta on Monday April 3rd. If you would like to help beta test drop me an e-mail (rory at InstantGallery will be available for download in early April priced at $15.


NewsLife is the result of squeezing all the coolest bits out of NewsMac Pro and repacking them into a really easy to use new iLife style interface. NewsLife will be available on April 27th, (which happens to be NewsMac Pro’s 1st birthday and my 25th!).

NewsLife will be priced at $18, more details will be coming a bit later on this month.

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