NewsLife 1.2 is here and iKanji demo video

I just noticed this is the 201st blog post on ThinkMac, I didn’t realise I’d written quite that many as I don’t update this space that often. Anyway down to business, NewsLife 1.2 is here with a long list of fixes and updates. A lot of little wrinkles and rough edges have been ironed out. Give it a spin, I think it’s the nicest RSS reader on the Mac and it’s still in active development.

iKanij tech demo

I know it’s been quite some time since iKanji was first promised but it’s still under development and I’m hoping to have it ready for around the end of July/early August. I’ve created a little video that demos one of neatest features in iKanji and that is creating your own stroke animations. iKanji (like iKana) is totally geared up to letting you learn at your own pace, which means you’ll want to make your own kanji flash cards. Being able to make your own stroke animations therefore is pretty darned useful. One of the test modules in iKanji will make devilish use of this showing you multiple versions of an animation and making you choose the one with the correct drawing order!

Hope you like it, I’ve made a few further adjustments since this video was made. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can reveal some screenshots of iKanji.

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