Sneak preview: InstantGallery 2.0

I’ve been hard at work on InstantGallery 2.0 for awhile now and I’ve decided it’s time to start revealing a few bits and pieces. I’m hoping to have IG 2.0 ready for beta testing by the end of this month. InstantGallery 2.0 will be a free upgrade for existing customers – 2.0 will be slightly more expensive though to reflect its growing feature set so if you want it at the current price then now is the time to buy.

First up – new icon:

InstantGallery 2.0 icon

InstantGallery 2.0 offers much more flexible theming and I wanted to get that idea across in the icon, so here the gallery has a wooden framed border. The icon is still a little rough around the edges and will see a bit more refinement before 2.0 is released. It was entirely drawn in Lineform by the way. All of the icons in InstantGallery are being refreshed for 2.0 so it will look like an entirely new beast.

Speaking of themes in IG, 2.0 ushers in the Theme Designer. This basically lets you take all the pain out of creating your own CSS theme by using an entirely visual interface for tweaking all the properties and you can see in real time how your changes effect the design.

InstantGallery 2.0 Theme Designer

So there we are for now, more details a bit later this month!

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