The New Browser

As well as tabs NewsMac Pro 1.2 also features a newly designed web browser. What I’m trying to do is bring over most of the standard browser features and put them into NMP so it can take over the role of your web browser entirely.

NewsMac Pro's new web browser

First obviously a reload/stop button is handy, even if you don’t need to use it much it’s reassuring that it’s there. Next up (although you can’t tell from the screenshot) is auto-completeing of addresses if you’ve previously visited them. There is also a history drop down which will show you the last 100 pages you’ve visited which is activated by pressing the down arrow key.

Then there is the Google search box, anyone who has used Safari or Firefox knows this feature is indespinsible in a modern browser so there it is in NewsMac Pro too. Off to the right of the search box is the ‘open in default web browser’ button which will load the current page in Safari/FireFox etc. should really need to.

The ability to bookmark webpages won’t be in 1.2, but will be coming soon after. 1.2 is coming along nicely, with any luck I might be able to get a preview out to testers by the end of the week.

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