Updates and something new

I’m busy working away on the NewsMac Pro 1.2.4 update and also a new little app that will be released at the end of the month.

    NewsMac Pro 1.2.4 will feature:

  • Improved keyboard navigation across all view modes.
  • Bloglines integration
  • Fixes for several bugs including an issue with the atom parser that can sometimes cause crashes.
  • Revised demo limitations of 15 days fully functional trial which will reset on each new release.

Instant GalleryThe new app is called InstantGallery and is a tool for quickly building web galleries and creating photocasts. It’s a drag and drop affair and you can have fun tweaking all the settings such as layout and themes while all the image resizing is handled in the background – great for dual processor/dual core Macs. InstantGallery will be a universal binary and features AquaticPrime licence code handling. More details coming soon. I’m looking for some beta testers, especially those with Intel Macs so please get in touch if you would like to help out.

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