Updates are in order

Goodness it’s been a little while since I last updated the blog – my apologies! I’m working hard on the next release of InstantGallery, version 1.5, which will be out this week if all goes to plan. The big feature in 1.5 is the ability to save galleries so you can come back to them later. Everything about a gallery is saved, so watermarks, extra links, headers and so on are preserved. I’m hoping to have time to add an image rotation feature also, although no promises on that last one as I’m up against a deadline here.

In other news I’ve finally gotten my hands on an Intel Mac so I can make doubly sure those universal binaries work as they should. It’s a black MacBook and I’m absolutely loving it so far, I’ve had no problems with the glossiness of the screen (it makes it much more usable outdoors in bright sunlight) and the speed increase over my old 1GHz PowerBook is phenomenal. It does run a bit warm, but then so did my old PowerBook – the solution is to use a laptop cooler. I’ve got one of these – in black of course so it matches 🙂

As for NewsLife, and indeed NewsMac Pro, there will be more news about these apps soon, once I’ve got InstantGallery 1.5 out I plan to re-devote some attention to them. Most of my time recently has been consumed doing web and icon projects for other people.

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