Greetings all, hope you all had a good holiday season and new year. Annoyingly I’ve been ill over most of Christmas which has set back my work on iKanji touch and iKana 2 significantly. I’m also going on holiday to Japan in a weeks time which means most of this month won’t be very productive work-wise. I’m working hard to get these apps done but these delays do mean I’ve missed my planned release dates. I hope I can release both apps during February now. Please be a patient a little longer!

Once both iKanji touch and iKana 2 are out I’ll do a final push and get InstantGallery 2 out which I know is horribly late at this point. The Japanese language apps have been so successful it’s been hard to justify spending a lot of time on InstantGallery, but I’m getting to the point where I’m happy with the state of iKana and iKanji so I can work on some other apps soon.

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  1. I eagerly await for Instagllery 2.
    The first version is good, but what you have shown for 2 is awesome.

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