iKanji and iKanji touch updates

Greetings all, I’m hard at work on iKanji 1.4 and iKanji touch 1.3.5 at the moment. This is mostly a database update release so it will bring some new and corrected stroke animations. iKanji touch 1.3.5 will also bring full support for the Retina displays on the iPhone 4 and new iPod touches. Mmmm lots of lovely pixels!

iKanji 1.4 on the Mac will also sport the new simplified registration system that iKana 2 has. This is combined with redesigned welcome screen. A preview of which you can see below:

iKanji 1.4 welcome screen

A big improvement over the previous Tokyo Metro inspired design I think!

I’ve got no firm release dates yet but both are currently a priority so it will be soon!

4 Comments on “iKanji and iKanji touch updates

  1. Does this mean iKanji touch finally will support multitasking in iOS 4? And what about sync between the desktop version and iKanji touch?

    • Possibly, I’m still looking into that. It’s important to maintain compatibility with iOS 3.x as well for those who haven’t or can’t upgrade. The next release will have updated graphics for the Retina display on iPhone 4 and the new iPod touches though.

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